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Pirate Themed Baby Shower Gift

I have started creating things again. I manage to crochet a row here and there while my son sleeps or has tummy time. On Saturday, I attended a baby shower for my friend due at the end of October. She and her husband went with a pirate theme for their nursery, so I made my gift around that theme.


I included:

  • An octopus I made using this pattern
  • The book How to be a Pirate
  • A hat with an octopus appliqué I made using this pattern
  • A onesie with a ship and baby pirates on it
  • Disposable breast pads for mom (not pictured)

My friend loved the gift. I look forward to seeing her little one wear the hat this winter. It feels good to start crocheting again.

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Hobbes Security Blanket

After listening to my friends describe their pregnancies in the past, I fully expected to get bit hard by the nesting bug after my morning sickness went away. However, I did not feel the urge to make anything for my baby until this weekend. I think preparing to move this spring kept me from going into nesting mode. I felt a greater urge to purge and pack than to craft.

In the back of my mind, I picked out a project to make for my little one’s arrival. Almost two years ago, I crocheted a stuffed Hobbes for my hubby. The stripes seemed to take forever, so I knew I did not want to make a full-sized version again. I stumbled across a pattern a few days ago for a bunny security blanket. Remembering my desire to make a mini version of the stuffed animal I made hubby, I decided to tweak the pattern and make a Hobbes security blanket. The results:



Size comparison with my earlier project.

Size comparison with my earlier project.

If I made this project again, I would make the blanket part larger and elongate the head to create a more accurate look alike to Bill Watterson’s comic strip character. If any of you want to make your own Hobbes security blanket, please leave a comment below. If I have enough interest, I will write up the pattern.

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My Fierce Little Dragon

Here in the Midwest, we had one of the largest snowstorms in years last week. The wind chill at the beginning of last week reached a dangerous -45F but warmed up to a balmy 40+F. Sadly, the heat wave this weekend melted most of the snow, leaving only the pathetic remnants of a snowman army and puddles of slush to remind us of the days of freezing cold, driving restrictions, and playing of board games. 

I managed to start and finish a new crochet project during the temperamental Midwestern weather. I stumbled across this pattern by Lucy Ravenscar on Pinterest more than a year ago. I finally worked up the courage to try it the past week. Besides the end of the tail, I feel pretty satisfied with the results. Lucy has made the pattern available as a free download on the knit and crochet website Ravelry. Feel free to leave comments about my dragon below.




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A Year of Crafts

Even though I only started this blog back in October, I spent the entire year crafting. I thought I would share with my readers some of the things you missed.

Kangaroo I made for my niece.

Kangaroo I made for my niece.

Fingerless mittens to keep hands nice and warm.

Fingerless mittens to keep hands nice and warm.

Stegosaurus I made for a cute little boy.

Stegosaurus I made for a cute little boy.

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What Does the Fox Say?

This YouTube video, originally meant as a fun joke, recently went viral. This may seem like old news to some of my readers, but I just learned about it a couple of weeks from one of my friends. With more than 200 million views, it looks as though foxes may become the animal of the year. I have seen more and more fox-themed things show up on Pinterest in the past two weeks. In honor of their growing popularity, here is a photo of a fox hat I worked out a pattern for this past summer.


While I have made some money–and really cute gifts–from of the owl fad, I do hope owls will remain popular among the children I know. If not, I may need to drastically expand my répertoire.

What do you think? Owls? Foxes? Other animals?

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Coping Mechanisms

(First off, I want to apologize for the cliché titles, but they most readily convey what I have had on my mind lately)

The phone rings, and something in my gut just tells me I will receive bad news. I don’t usually get those gut feelings. My intuitive side rarely kicks in to tell me what I need to know. When it does, I pay close attention.

Saturday morning, I received bad news. This news reaches in and grabs ahold of my most secret fears–the ones I hate to admit even to myself. The ones I keep locked away because I know, if I think about them too often or examine them too closely, they are bound to come true.

Even though I knew news like this would come one day, I had hoped it would wait decades to catch up with me. Part of me still hopes and prays to the God I know watches over us that we can still avoid some of my worst fears. I won’t go into too many details at the moment. Wednesday will determine if hope will continue, or I will have to live through one of the most difficult phases of my life thus far.

Until then, I run. Not literally. Right now, I try to keep busy to avoid my fears catching up with me. I keep busy to avoid thinking too much about the future. I keep busy cherishing my loved ones. I keep busy by making these little hats for the bundles of hope my friends and family will bring into this world in the near future.


Here’s a pattern for a simple baby hat. You can finish off each row to get even stripes, or you can crochet continuously in one color.

Row 1: make a magic circle; put 10 dc (double crochet) in the magic circle

Row 2: inc (2 dc in ea stitch) around [20 stitches]

Row 3: inc, dc* [30 stitches]

Row 4: inc, dc in next 2 stitches* [40 stitches]

Row 5: inc, dc in next 3 stitches* [50 stitches]

Row 6: for a larger hat– inc, dc in next 4 stitches* [60 stitches]–otherwise, dc around

Row 7 on: dc around until desired length


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Spheres of Influence

In my day-to-day life, I often find it difficult to believe I have much impact on the world around me beyond the house I live in. I follow several blogs, which have a much larger following than this newborn blog. These blogs can have more than a hundred comments on a single post while I struggle to get one comment on my first post. All of this to say, I hesitate to comment on posts on the blogs I follow.

I think:

My comment might not get read . . . 

The blogger probably won’t pay attention to my little comment . . .

Will what I have to say make any difference in this person’s life? . . .

To answer that last question: yes, what I do say does make a difference in someone else’s life. Sometimes, my advice or encouragement does impact the more successful blogger. I even have the proof.

A few weeks ago, I started following the blog Pancakes and French Fries, written by the lovely Jules. (Note: when I say I have started to follow a blog, it usually means I have spent a few days obsessively going through the past years of blog posts before hitting that subscribe button. This tendency continued with Jules’ blog.) Last week, she posted about her desire to give up paper towels. While I normally would have skipped over giving any advice in the comments section (she already had more than 50 commenters giving her advice), I could not help but remember another blogger I follow telling her story of giving up paper towels. So, I took a chance, and posted a link to the post over on Kelly’s Complete Guide to Imperfect Homemaking blog.

I almost forgot about this comment, until I went back to Jules’ blog a few days later. She posted about her decision to jump into giving up paper towels and the routine she decided to go with. I happily read along, wondering what she had decided to do. Then, I saw my name in the fourth paragraph! I could hardly believe it! One of the bloggers I admire had decided to go with my advice out of all the others!!! (Actually, it’s Kelly’s advice, but I’m the one who introduced the one to the other.) If you want the proof, here’s the link to the post:

Two days later, I still feel ecstatic about the recognition. This whole experience has made me realize, I have more influence than I had come to believe. So, if any of my (few) readers feels any doubt as to your influence, I encourage you to look around you. Notice the changes you have influenced in the lives around you.

In other news, I took a short break from creating inventory for the pop-up shop to create this guy:


I stuffed him with rice packs instead of my usual polyfill. I can put him in the microwave and use him as a hot pack. Happy weekend readers!

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