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Hobbes Security Blanket

After listening to my friends describe their pregnancies in the past, I fully expected to get bit hard by the nesting bug after my morning sickness went away. However, I did not feel the urge to make anything for my baby until this weekend. I think preparing to move this spring kept me from going into nesting mode. I felt a greater urge to purge and pack than to craft.

In the back of my mind, I picked out a project to make for my little one’s arrival. Almost two years ago, I crocheted a stuffed Hobbes for my hubby. The stripes seemed to take forever, so I knew I did not want to make a full-sized version again. I stumbled across a pattern a few days ago for a bunny security blanket. Remembering my desire to make a mini version of the stuffed animal I made hubby, I decided to tweak the pattern and make a Hobbes security blanket. The results:



Size comparison with my earlier project.

Size comparison with my earlier project.

If I made this project again, I would make the blanket part larger and elongate the head to create a more accurate look alike to Bill Watterson’s comic strip character. If any of you want to make your own Hobbes security blanket, please leave a comment below. If I have enough interest, I will write up the pattern.

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Coping Mechanisms

(First off, I want to apologize for the cliché titles, but they most readily convey what I have had on my mind lately)

The phone rings, and something in my gut just tells me I will receive bad news. I don’t usually get those gut feelings. My intuitive side rarely kicks in to tell me what I need to know. When it does, I pay close attention.

Saturday morning, I received bad news. This news reaches in and grabs ahold of my most secret fears–the ones I hate to admit even to myself. The ones I keep locked away because I know, if I think about them too often or examine them too closely, they are bound to come true.

Even though I knew news like this would come one day, I had hoped it would wait decades to catch up with me. Part of me still hopes and prays to the God I know watches over us that we can still avoid some of my worst fears. I won’t go into too many details at the moment. Wednesday will determine if hope will continue, or I will have to live through one of the most difficult phases of my life thus far.

Until then, I run. Not literally. Right now, I try to keep busy to avoid my fears catching up with me. I keep busy to avoid thinking too much about the future. I keep busy cherishing my loved ones. I keep busy by making these little hats for the bundles of hope my friends and family will bring into this world in the near future.


Here’s a pattern for a simple baby hat. You can finish off each row to get even stripes, or you can crochet continuously in one color.

Row 1: make a magic circle; put 10 dc (double crochet) in the magic circle

Row 2: inc (2 dc in ea stitch) around [20 stitches]

Row 3: inc, dc* [30 stitches]

Row 4: inc, dc in next 2 stitches* [40 stitches]

Row 5: inc, dc in next 3 stitches* [50 stitches]

Row 6: for a larger hat– inc, dc in next 4 stitches* [60 stitches]–otherwise, dc around

Row 7 on: dc around until desired length


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