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The Best Laid Plans of Mice . . .


My not-so-little boy finally made his appearance in this world a week ago today, 15 days after his due date. The last five weeks really tested my patience as I saw one friend enjoy her baby (born one week early) and another have her baby (one day overdue). I anxiously wanted my turn to come. Once I hit full-term at 37 weeks I could not wait to meet my baby and start to get to know the little person my husband and I had created. Everyone I knew also started constantly checking in with me for updates. With nothing to report, I became frustrated with the waiting. My midwife finally decided to have me induced at 42 weeks.

After weeks of waiting and changed plans, I could not wait to get to the hospital last week. I originally planned on a natural delivery at the birth center (not hospital). At 36 weeks, my insurance coverage changed to prevent me from using the birth center. I did not want to have induced labor, but changed my mind as the 42 week mark approached. Once my labor started, I started to re-think my desire to labor without medication. I eventually had an epidural due to back labor.

My baby started showing signs of distress during my contractions. After two hours of pushing with no progress, the midwife suggested a cesarean delivery. At this point, I had been in the hospital for almost 24 hours and agreed to the c-section. I found out after delivery my baby had gotten stuck in a face-up position and had the chord wrapped around his neck, making a vaginal delivery almost impossible. This information has helped me cope with the changes to my plans.

Now, I feel glad to have my not-so-little guy home. We have no routine yet, but he sleeps more at night than during the day. Without further ado, here are his birth stats:

  • Date: August 1, 2014
  • Time: 8:08 a.m.
  • Weight: 9 lb, 12 oz
  • Length: 23.25 inches

My husband’s birth announcement: Baby Boy Marshall “was born this morning at 8:08 EDT. 9 pounds, 12 ounces of pure manliness have been unleashed on the world. If the size of his head is any indication of intelligence, he will master 11 dimensional physics before his third birthday. He may have also caused a scalpel to momentarily levitate, but those rumors are entirely baseless and not to be believed.

“He was forcibly removed from his mother via c-section at two weeks overdue. The doctors found and confiscated the reason for the delay, an unfinished multi-volume manifesto for world domination.

“Those who wish to come and cower in fear before their new leader may do so at some point in the near future, probably tomorrow. For right now, we all need our sleep.”

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