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My Old Blog

This will probably come to a surprise to some people, but I have another blog. I actually started that blog before this one. I wanted to put some of my thought out there for the world, so I started a blog. It eventually became mostly about a crafts, so I started this blog. My focus seems to have shifted back to content appropriate to that blog, so I plan on switching back to it for a while. I reblogged some of my posts over there. If any of you want to stay updated with content more in line with my recent posts (minimalism and simple living), please subscribe to my other blog. I hope to still post my craft projects on this blog.

Thanks for reading!

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The Core of Minimalism

Every time I move, which comes around more frequently than I like, I get overwhelmed by the amount of stuff we have. Subconsciously, I think I blame my husband. “He has so much stuff!” “Why doesn’t he go through his stuff?” and so on. However, I can’t force him down the path about minimalism. Honestly, he doesn’t really have that much stuff. I just like to think he does because most of it sits in the same boxes and totes from one move to the next. I reach a point where I just don’t want to go through any more of my stuff and start to concentrate on other things in our home, namely: his stuff.

I will admit, my husband does desire a simple, minimalist life. He just goes about it at his own pace and in his own unique way. When we do move, I will ask him to go through a box or two at a time, and he does it in a good-natured way. He doesn’t want to get rid of much because as we move, our needs change. I think he wants to wait on purging a lot of his electronic stuff until we move into our first house.

Since I do the organizing and the decorating in our home, I tend to want to display and use my things while some of my husband’s awesome things stay packed away in boxes.For example, my husband is a talented musician. Yet, his instruments usually end up shoved in a spare closet somewhere (although, this has become somewhat of a necessity since our son now gets into everything). This means my husband spends much less of his spare time playing his instruments, even though I want him to play music for our son.

Part of minimalism is to get rid of the things I don’t need so I can make room for the things my family uses. This means limiting the books I buy to ones I intend to read multiple times throughout my life and checking out books I only intend to read once or twice from the library. Minimalism to me also means limiting the number of knick knacks I have so I have room to display my husband’s records and the games we play with friends. It also means limiting the toys I buy for my son so he doesn’t become overwhelmed by his choices and refuse to play at all. Overall, minimalism to me means limiting the stuff I buy so we have room and money to create experiences with our family and friends.

What does minimalism mean to you?

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