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Simple Living: We Moved!

My little family lived in our tiny apartment for 13 months. While we had many great experiences in and enjoyed our little apartment, we felt the need to move into a place where our son could have his own room. My husband and I needed to have our own child-free space where we could spend some time together. We also missed inviting lots of friends over. It our little space, it quickly felt cramped if we invited more than two friends over. When our little one started crawling and pulling up, we didn’t have a place to play board games anymore.

Earlier this month, we switched apartments with our neighbors and now live in a spacious two bedroom apartment. I think we have more breathing room. With the larger space, we have to be more conscious about purchasing stuff to fill the extra space. I purged some things before we moved, including some mementos I didn’t really need. The past couple of weeks, I have started reading more about minimalism to help keep me focused on the lifestyle I want. I continue to go through my stuff and my son’s stuff as he grows out of it. It feels freeing to have all of my scrapbooking stuff in one drawer, my sewing stuff on one shelf, my childhood mementos in one tote, etc.

Some blogs and vlogs I enjoy recently include:

Thanks for reading!

P.S. Happy World Turtle Day!


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