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Simple Living: Small Space Update

My husband and I have now lived two months in our new space. I have 28 days left until our baby’s due date. Putting away the shower gifts posed a new challenge in our small space. While I have a few items stashed in the crib to put away and the stroller to assemble, I believe we have a good system for the baby with which to start. Some ways I have made the small space work for our growing family:

  1.  Replacing our microwave and toaster with a toaster oven to free up some counter space.
  2. Our tiny dining table doubles as hubby’s desk.
  3. Bins under the crib to store extra diapers, clothes, etc. the baby won’t need for a few months.
  4. Hooks, organizers, towel racks over the doors for extra storage (we have our baby tub hanging from a hook on our bathroom door, our diaper bag and baby carrier hanging from an over-the-door coat rack, and plan to use an over-the-door towel rack to hold blankets)
  5. Putting our dressers in the master closet allows us to have enough space in our room for a full-sized crib, a rocking chair, a queen-sized bed, and other furniture.

While our small space does limit the amount of entertaining we do, my husband and I still enjoy our space. We do not feel cramped (most of the time) and feel happy with the number of items we have in our space. I even had three of my pregnant friends over for a girls’ afternoon without any issues.

Some bloggers have inspired us to go on this journey of living in a small space with fewer items. They include:

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