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Simple Living: 100 Things Update

I know this update on our 100 Things Challenge comes a few days late, but we do not have internet set up at our new place. However, I can say we more than met our goal! In the chaos of moving, I lost track of the items I put in the Goodwill donation box. My husband and I still managed to record more than 100 things we sold, donated, recycled (electronics), or just threw away. We made $130 from items we sold, and we hope to sell a few more things in the near future. About half of the items on our list we donated to Goodwill. We gave away almost a third of the items on our list to friends. Very few items on our list ended up in the trash, while we recycled several broken electronics. Overall, our tiny new space works efficiently since we managed to purge so many items from our lives.

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