My Fierce Little Dragon

Here in the Midwest, we had one of the largest snowstorms in years last week. The wind chill at the beginning of last week reached a dangerous -45F but warmed up to a balmy 40+F. Sadly, the heat wave this weekend melted most of the snow, leaving only the pathetic remnants of a snowman army and puddles of slush to remind us of the days of freezing cold, driving restrictions, and playing of board games. 

I managed to start and finish a new crochet project during the temperamental Midwestern weather. I stumbled across this pattern by Lucy Ravenscar on Pinterest more than a year ago. I finally worked up the courage to try it the past week. Besides the end of the tail, I feel pretty satisfied with the results. Lucy has made the pattern available as a free download on the knit and crochet website Ravelry. Feel free to leave comments about my dragon below.




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