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Thanksgiving Without the Trimmings

Most families have at least a few traditions they like to participate in for the Thanksgiving season. Some watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. Some have unusual dishes they serve every year. Some put up the Christmas tree or go shopping the day after Thanksgiving.

In my family, we usually get at least one game of Euchre going as practice for the traditional Christmas tournament. My Nana (grandmother) and I try to beat my grandfather every chance we get. I have yet to figure out if my husband’s family has any Thanksgiving traditions. For the past three years, we have spent the holiday with his family, and they have celebrated it differently each year.

One year, they had the traditional turkey and trimmings. The next year, they went to a restaurant. Last year, everyone brought a different type of soup. This year, I do not know what they will do because my husband and I decided to stay home this year.

I have felt sick for the past 2-3 weeks with a nausea so bad, I considered myself lucky if I managed to walk to the mailbox and back. While I have improved over the past few days, we decided to skip the four hour drive to see his family.

This year, we will share a small meal with two of our housemates. My husband and I live in a huge house with another married couple and two single guys. While this may seem strange to most, we each have our own space (for the most part) and have cheap rent. This is our second year in the same place with the same people. The other married couple went to visit family for the holiday, but the guys did not really have anywhere else to go.

So, we will have roasted duck and a few sides. This year, we will celebrate Thanksgiving without most of the trimmings. We will not have stuffing, cranberry sauce, green bean casserole, or many other traditional dishes. But, we will have a delicious bird, mashed potatoes, gravy, and dessert. Best of all, we will share our last-minute plans with two great friends.

Happy Holidays!

Photo of my hubby I managed to snap during our first snow yesterday.

Photo of my hubby I managed to snap during our first snow yesterday.

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What Does the Fox Say?

This YouTube video, originally meant as a fun joke, recently went viral. This may seem like old news to some of my readers, but I just learned about it a couple of weeks from one of my friends. With more than 200 million views, it looks as though foxes may become the animal of the year. I have seen more and more fox-themed things show up on Pinterest in the past two weeks. In honor of their growing popularity, here is a photo of a fox hat I worked out a pattern for this past summer.


While I have made some money–and really cute gifts–from of the owl fad, I do hope owls will remain popular among the children I know. If not, I may need to drastically expand my répertoire.

What do you think? Owls? Foxes? Other animals?

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